Exquisitely Bottled

Clearly something so dangerous to capture, so rare and so pure, must be presented with the reverence it deserves. It must be worthy of the battle it takes to acquire it. Breathtakingly packaged in a unique glass carafe, water harvested from icebergs in Canada’s Arctic is reborn as GLACE Rare Iceberg Water ™ (pronounce it as the French do - gläss)

Elegant Design

“Sustainable elegance” was the theme that inspired the design of the GLACE Rare Iceberg Water. The elemental purity of the water demands the classic clarity of glass. The design is fluid, graceful in form, with an innovative and memorable silhouette taking shape in 700 ml or 250 ml GLACE bottles with a “carafe”style cap, or arrayed in beautiful boxes. The exquisite 700ml, 250 ml and gift pack presentation rivals that of a vintage champagne. Recyclable, of course.